Teen Credited With Helping Police Catch Burglary Suspect

13-Year-Old Jocelyn Hid Under Bed, Texted Mom For Help, Called 911

A Chula Vista teen is being called a hero by police after she hid underneath her bed and text-messaged for help while a burglar ransacked her home.

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The 13-year-old girl was alone in her family's Chula Vista residence shortly before 10:30 a.m. Tuesday when she heard an unusual noise coming from the direction of her parents' room, according to police.

The teen walked into a hallway, from which she saw a man removing a window in the bedroom, Capt. Gary Wedge said.

"I stood right here and watched him go through the window," said 13-year-old Jocelyn. "He was trying to get the screen off and then like, I paused because I didn't know what to do."

As soon as the screen came off, Jocelyn then ran into her own room and hid under her bed. The burglar came in shortly after, but he did not look underneath the bed where Jocelyn was hiding.

"He just went in the top [dresser] drawer and left," Jocelyn told 10News.

That is when she texted her mother.

"[The text] read, 'Call 911, someone's breaking in. I'm under the bed, help,'" said Jocelyn's mother Julie.

After hearing the intruder leave the house, Jocelyn dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that someone broke into her house. She remained calm as she explained to the dispatcher her terrifying ordeal.

"He broke in through the window," she told the dispatcher. "I've been underneath the bed for 10 minutes. He was here for like five minutes and then I waited three minutes to call."

She was able to give dispatchers a rundown of the burglar's appearance. A short time later, patrol officers arrested a man matching that description about a block away from the home while he was waiting for the bus with a safe in his hands.

"The way she was able to maintain her composure [and] provide information to the dispatchers after he left was amazing," said Wedge. "It's actually what we believe led us to the suspect's arrest."

When 10News played the 911 call for Jocelyn's family for the first time, they broke down crying. Her father could barely put his emotions into words.

"Just so proud of my daughter," said Jocelyn's father Gerald.

The man arrested in connection with the burglary was 52-year-old parolee Maurice Faulkner, who has a long criminal record in San Diego dating back to 1988.

Faulkner pleaded not guilty to burglary charges on Thursday. His bail was set at $500,000.

A readiness hearing is scheduled for May 25 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 31.

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