Teen breaks free from attempted kidnappers: Police search for 4 men linked to incident

Incident reported at Euclid, Lise avenues

SAN DIEGO - Police are searching for Friday for a group of would-be kidnappers who tried to grab a 17-year-old girl in Emerald Hills.

The girl was grabbed at about 3:50 p.m. as she tried to walk by the van at Euclid and Lise avenues with four males inside, said Officer David Stafford of the San Diego Police Department.

The girl resisted and was dragged a short distance. She broke free of the grasp of the would-be kidnappers and fell onto the street, putting a gash into her head, Stafford said.

She was taken to a trauma center for treatment, Stafford said.

The teen is recovering in the hospital, according to her aunt, Salia Hernandez. She said the teen has a fractured skull and has multiple stitches and bruises.

Hernandez said her niece was on her way to a trolley stop when the incident happened.

"The car was in motion and I guess she tried to defend herself," said Hernandez. "Then she ended up on the floor because that car kept moving."

The van sped off as people rushed to help the teenager, including J.C. Woods.

"There was a young lady that was lying on the ground and blood was all over her hair," said Woods. "I put my hands about her and began to pray to God for her."       

The van was last seen going eastbound on Market Street. Police say the van is a white Dodge Caravan with white rims and painted-on tinted windows. The driver was heavy set.

Hernandez said she is sure someone knows who's behind this random attack.

"They need to give police the information," said Hernandez. "They need to talk about it because this is going to keep on happening if they don't stop them."

Hernandez said her niece has forgotten some of the details of the attack due to her injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.

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