Teen arrested after police say he posed as girl asking for nude pictures

LA MESA, Calif. - A teenage boy has been arrested after police say he posed as a girl on Facebook and convinced other boys to send in nude photos in what may be a case of the ultimate teenage revenge.

It started with a friend request by an attractive girl on Facebook. Several boys at La Mesa Middle School got one. Then, the requests got disturbing.

"That person on Facebook was asking to provide photographs of them in different attire or potentially nude," said La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass.

Some of the teens took the bait and police said at least one of the nude pictures was posted on Facebook.

Investigators worried they had a dangerous sexual predator targeting their kids. So, they traced the Facebook emails and found it was not a girl at all asking for the nude picture, but it was a boy who also attended La Mesa Middle School.

A source told 10News reporter Itica Milanes the boy wanted to get revenge against other boys at his school, possibly because he had been bullied. His principal did not want to be interviewed on camera but told 10News the boy had never reported being bullied. The boy has since been expelled.

Police served a search warrant at the boy's home and arrested him.

Kim and Randy Houston have a daughter who attends La Mesa Middle School. They said this case is exactly why they will not allow their 14-year-old to have a Facebook account.

Randy Houston said, "It strikes me as typical of what can go wrong."

His wife added, "We just feel that is not a direction we want her to be facing at this point."

This case is now being sent to the District Attorney's office.

The teen is facing a felony charge of possession of child pornography.

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