Teen accused in car break-ins at military community in Tierrasanta pleads not guilty

SAN DIEGO - A teenager accused in a rash of car break-ins in a military community in Tierrasanta faced a judge on Wednesday.

Joshua Vandertuig, 19, pleaded not guilty Wednesday, telling the judge that he was not involved in some 24 thefts. 

However, the Trantham family says they have proof the teen is their man. They say he was caught on surveillance cameras they installed around their homes. The video has been turned over to police.

Neighbor Amanda Garcia, a car burglary victim, told 10News the footage clearly identified Vandertuig. 

"We were able to witness everything he did, from my car to the neighbor's car to the lady across the street," said Garcia. 

Prosecutors say Vandertuig has two prior felony theft convictions. Investigators say his crime spree started back in the spring. Victims contacted 10News to show us their ransacked homes and cars.

Vandertuig's mother Brandy Moreno says she is sorry for her son's alleged crimes.

"I can't deny the camera. I mean, he was caught," said Moreno. 

The mother says she is now being evicted from military housing weeks before her husband's deployment because of crimes police say her adult son committed. He was living in the residence with her.

Bail for Vanderguig has been set for $25,000. He faces burglary and drug-related charges.

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