Police say 15-year-old girl was on phone when she was struck, killed by big rig truck in Otay Mesa

SAN DIEGO - Police say a 15-year-old girl was on the phone when she was struck and killed by a semi truck at an intersection in Otay Mesa on Wednesday.

The fatal incident at La Media and Otay Mesa roads was reported shortly after 5 p.m., San Diego police said.

Police said the girl was walking with her older brother when she stepped off the curb to cross Otay Mesa Road at La Media. It is unclear if she was texting.

At that point, police said the girl, who was on the phone, stepped into the path of the truck, which was turning right on a green light.

Police said the girl was hit by the rear of the truck and her brother was also struck when he tried to pull his sister away. He was not hurt.

"Apparently, he was struck in the shoulder and he bounced off and unfortunately had to see a traumatic sight," said San Diego police Sgt. Art Doherty.

Police said he saw that she was going to be run over and tried to pull her back, but it was too late.

"All he told us was that he tried to grab his sister by the shoulder," said Doherty. "Next thing you know, she lost her balance. She went under the rear wheels of the vehicle and unfortunately he had to experience that."

The girl, whose name was not immediately available, died at the scene, Officer David Stafford said.

Grief counselors consoled the family when they arrived on scene, visibly shaken.

Even Doherty, who has been on the force for 32 years, said this was a tough one.

"I've got children myself and loved ones and it's easily the toughest thing for me because it's heartfelt," he said. "You just feel for the members of the family. It's hard to comfort them."

Police say the semi truck has been taken to the California Highway Patrol to be thoroughly inspected to make sure there were no mechanical malfunctions and that everything the driver told police checks out.

Alcohol is not considered a factor in the crash and there will no enforcement, police said.

An investigation is ongoing.

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