Team Of Medical Professionals Depart For Haiti

Help for Haiti is on its way from every corner of the world including San Diego, where a team of four emergency physicians and a nurse from UCSD Medical Center, spent Saturday packing bags and loading supplies for their trip to the disaster zone.

Dr. Sean-Xavier Neath is among the five making the journey. Having traveled to Haiti before, Neath says he's prepared for the terrible conditions. “I'm not expecting a lot in terms of telecommunication, running water, electricity. We'll do the very best we can with the supplies we're bringing."

Neath said the supplies they are carrying will help care for dozens of people. “Remember these people have nothing now. So everything we do from this point on is a good start," he said.

There is concern over access. In the days following the quake there was chaos at the Port-Au-Prince airport which slowed efforts to get supplies to those in need. "Thats basically what happened in Katrina, it was do what you can until things open up and then you can spread out," said Colleen Buono, a UCSD emergency physician.

The team said they will make due with the basics including bandages and medication. "It's unusual but you do the very best you can with what you have: your talent, supplies, and you have your patients. Put the three together and that's healthcare," Neath said.