Team 10 there as couple arrested, suspected of stealing $70,000 in furniture

Couple taken out of home in handcuffs

VISTA, Calif. - Deputies rammed in a couple's front door to arrest them on charges that they stole thousands of dollars in furniture.

More than a dozen San Diego County sheriff's deputies served a search warrant Wednesday at a home in Vista.

Arthur Lewis and his girlfriend Christine Moe were then taken out of the rented home in handcuffs and arrested on suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Linda Olesen said she has been waiting for this moment for more than a year.

"To watch them being handcuffed and put in that car and their heads are down … maybe they'll start thinking about what they do," said Olesen.

Olesen said Lewis and Moe rented her furnished home in Poway and did not pay rent for 22 months but she could not evict them. She said the couple claimed they wanted to buy the home but that never happened and the home went into foreclosure.

She said the couple moved out in the middle of the night last Christmas and took tens of thousands of dollars in furniture from the home.

Team 10 was there last December when Olesen walked through her old home in Poway and discovered what she said was missing – everything from beds and couches to a Christmas tree.

Wednesday, after the pair was taken to jail, Olesen and her husband went through the home in Vista to point out what was theirs and tag it with a yellow sticky note so police could log the items.

"This lamp is mine, these Christmas decorations, this rug right here," said Olesen. 

After the Olesens found and tagged all their items, they had two moving trucks come to haul everything away.

"We are spending $3,000 to get this taken care of," said Olesen.

Huge plants, table and a $10,000 custom cabinet was all packed up and given back to the Olesens.

"Hopefully, we can close a chapter of our life that has been a nightmare," said Olesen.

Lewis and Moe were taken to the Vista jail and booked on charges of grand theft and receiving stolen property charges. They are scheduled to be arraigned on Friday. Jail records show they both posted bail.

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