Team 10 investigates complaints against dog breeder

Claim: Breeder takes money and doesn't deliver

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 has gotten a half a dozen new complaints about a dog breeder we first reported on in 2010. A group of people claim she has taken their money and not given them puppies and they called Team 10 for help.

Single mom Tiffany found what she thought was the newest member of her family--an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.
She said she paid dog breeder Jillian Marsh $2,000 after seeing her ad on-line.
"When I received the puppy it was sick, it had diarrhea that just would not stop. It was clearly not a healthy puppy," she said.
She said Marsh agreed to take the puppy back and return it to her when the puppy was better but that never happened.
"It's been horrible, stressful, upsetting for my daughter and of course I could definitely use that $2,000 that I'm never going to see," she said.
She took Marsh to court and was awarded close to $2,000 but she has never been paid.
"Then all of these victims kept finding my name through the court records and contacting me through Facebook," she said.
Breeder Carrie Haven of Maine connected with Tiffany about Marsh.
"I gave Jill $1,100 for pick of the liter, for a liter she just had," said Haven.
Haven said her check was cashed immediately and when she started doing her research on Marsh she asked for the money back.
Haven said she's never seen a penny or her puppy.
"I hate what you've done to everybody and I'd like to see you stopped," Haven said about Marsh.
A woman in Northern California, Julie, told Team 10 she sent her pregnant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Marsh so she could care for the dog and deliver the puppies.
Julie said she never saw the puppies and had to take Marsh to court to get her dog back. Her attorney, Jenny Goodman, told Team 10 Julie was award $10,000 and she's never been paid.
"It was certainly emotionally trying for all of us, especially the children who had gone through most of the pregnancy with the dog and felt the puppies moving," said Julie.
Another woman said she paid Marsh $1,000 for a puppy but Marsh tried to give her a dog without American Kennel Club papers.
She said Marsh took the dog back and never returned her money.
"It's aggravating to know that she's still doing it and to see her still posting on Craigslist and Ebay," she said by phone.
And an elderly San Diego woman told Team 10 she gave Marsh $2,000 for two puppies but never received her dog or her money back.
Team 10 went to Marsh's home to ask her about all of these claims but she drove off.
"It baffles my mind that she can hurt this many people and continue to, but that's my hope for her to just be stopped," said Tiffany.
Goodman called Marsh "judgment proof" because she has no known assets or job to garnish wages.


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