Team 10 helps family save war medals from auction

Storage facility allowed family to get medals

SAN DIEGO - An Imperial Beach family called Team 10 desperate to get their late father's war medals from a storage unit and the Troubleshooter got results in a few hours.

Thomas Moore thought his father-in-law's war medals and other important family items would be auctioned off on Thursday from the storage unit they were renting.

"I've never felt so helpless in my life," said Moore. "I feel empty."

Moore's father-in-law, Bill Wright, was everything to the family.

"He was like my father," said Moore. "I was adopted so I don't have any blood relatives."

Wright was also a proud veteran and endured an explosion in the Korean War, where he was awarded a Purple Heart.

"He was a POW and he was shot," said Moore.

When Wright became sick in April, the entire family moved to an RV to take care of him and they had to put a lot of things at A1 Storage in Chula Vista. Moore said they could no longer pay for the unit when Wright passed away in July.

"I asked, how long do we have to not pay before you sell our stuff and they said 96 days," said Moore.

Moore said the next day – day 11 – they put a lock on the unit. It was filled with appliances and furniture but all he wanted was a box of personal items and Wright's medals. Moore said the late payments and fees have now gone up to nearly $1,000, which they cannot afford.

Moore said the company would not budge on giving him the box of personal items, so he called Team 10.

The manager told Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance the Moores were late on their payments and they had a business to run, but when she found out what was in the boxes she said Moore could come out and get his things.

"There are angels among us," said Moore. "Team 10 went to bat and hit a home run and I was able to get some priceless mementos back that I could never replace."

There is still an auction on Thursday where Moore is hoping to get his stuff back if the owner and auctioneer allow him to attend.

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