Team 10 gets results after crack/meth pipe investigation

Police cited 2 clerks, seized 122 pipes

SAN DIEGO - More than one hundred crack and meth pipes were seized and clerks cited after Team 10's investigation into local dollar stores selling the pipes from under the counter.

Team 10 was sold crack and meth pipes from V-Outlet dollar stores in Hillcrest, Clairemont, downtown San Diego and Pacific Beach in November of 2013.

We gave our information to the San Diego Police Department, who conducted their own investigation and took action.

"Two clerks were cited and released at the V-Outlet store located at 1483 University Ave for selling drug paraphernalia to an undercover officer. In addition, a total of 122 glass pipes were seized from the location," said San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer in an email. "The entire investigation was submitted to the City Attorney for prosecutorial review."

Mayer added, "Again, we appreciate the information you brought forward and we encourage the community to report any actions they believe may be criminal in nature."

Team 10 rechecked the stores and found only one – the downtown location – was still selling the crack and meth pipes.

The clerk first denied and then admitted to Team 10 that the store was selling the pipes. It is illegal for stores to sell drug paraphernalia under the California health and safety code.

We brought our new information to San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald, who heads the Public Safety Committee and plans to address this at the next meeting.

"Because this is a major public safety issue, especially for our kids and these kinds of things are marketed to younger people," said Emerald.

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