Team 10 gets eyesore removed from neighborhood

Neighbors said they were ignored for a year

San Diego - Neighbors came to Team 10 about a vacant home that was a haven for crime and drugs.

Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance took their concerns to city officials and the home was just torn down.
The empty lot on S 35th Street in San Diego is a beautiful site to Antonio Garcia.
"It's quiet and nobody people walking around. Before there was a lot of people who I never saw before," said Garcia.
Garcia came to Team 10 in July of 2013 desperate to get something done about the worst vacant home Team 10 has covered.
"It was an eyesore. We were mostly concerned about public safety," said Pastor Brian Clater who runs Mount Olive Baptist Church two doors down.
People who live in the neighborhood said the vacant home was used as a trash dump or as a place for people to do drugs. 
Neighbors gave Team 10 a video of teenagers jumping off of the collapsed roof. 
Team 10 went to the homeowner, William Johnson, who promised to clean the place up but he never did.
The city of San Diego obtained a court order to demolish the home at 12 S 35th street and recently tore it down.
Now a chain link fence surrounds the property so no one can get it and the only sign this was a dumping ground was an old TV at the edge of the property.
"It's much better for us. At least it gives us a Vista, a view of the potential that could happen in this community," said Clater.
The Mount Olive Baptist Church wants to use the empty lot for church parking or other services.
"We look at it as an opportunity to expand not only our church but our entire community," said Clater.
The church is reaching out to the city about using or buying the land.
Johnson has a lawsuit pending against the city of San Diego over the issue.
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