Team 10 contacted about illegal shop still open for business

Kindest Meds cited by City Attorney's Office

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 got received a tip that an illegal marijuana dispensary is still open for business and applying for a conditional use permit. 

San Diego City Council approved a set of zoning regulations allowing for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate legally in March. People have applied but no conditional use permits have been granted. Under these rules, the pot shops operating in the city right now are illegal.

Allen Bennett, a community volunteer, told Team 10 he is not against marijuana.

"I have used marijuana," he said. "I believe it is legal to grow marijuana, dispense marijuana, sell it and use it for recreation reasons."

Bennett said businesses should be licensed.

"I do not think that licenses should be obtained because you've done something illegally for so long," he said.

Bennett and other community groups say dozens of illegal dispensaries are still operating in San Diego while City Council and other agencies figure out the new rules.

Team 10 was contacted about Kindest Meds on Camino Del Rio South in San Diego. The marijuana dispensary was cited by the City Attorney's Office in June for operating without a permit.

The shop did not shut down and continued advertising free gifts and massages for customers.

Team 10 sent a producer into the store on Wednesday. He was told marijuana was for sale and referred to a doctor to get a prescription.

"We have people that have engaged in an activity for profit which hasn't been overseen," said Bennett.

Kindest Meds has applied for a conditional use permit to become a legitimate business.

Bennett and other residents told Team 10 a business that already showed no regard for the law should not be granted a conditional use permit.

"So these people already have one strike against them in my opinion," he said.

No one from Kindest Meds got back to Team 10 with a comment about the situation.

Currently, 40 marijuana dispensary cases are being actively litigated by the City Attorney's Office.

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