Sweetwater Union Trustee John McCann talks to 10News about crash that nearly killed him

McCann looking to go back to work Sept. 16

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Sweetwater Union High School District Trustee John McCann spoke publicly for the first time since a July 24 car crash that nearly killed him.

McCann told 10News reporter Joe Little that he doesn't remember the crash and it took him days to understand that he could have died.

Chula Vista police have not completed their report on the crash. However, a preliminary report said McCann failed to yield the right-of-way when he pulled onto Telegraph Canyon Road.

A Dodge ran into McCann nearly head-on, and the impact knocked him unconscious. He had to be pulled from his car, and police said the other driver was fine.

Oddly enough, one of McCann's last decisions as a member of the Chula Vista City Council may have saved his life. He helped put paramedics on Chula Vista fire trucks. That change took effect July 24, and his crash was the very first emergency call with paramedics onboard.

"You know, I didn't intend it to be for me, but it's the best thing in the world to be able to make sure you have paramedics be the first responders," McCann said from his Chula Vista home.

Now, he's doing up to eight hours of therapy every day to recover from a severe concussion. He's targeting a September 16 return to the Sweetwater Union Board of Trustees.

"I think what I want to do is make sure that when I get back to work that I'm 100 percent," he said.

It's a goal McCann said he could not achieve without his wife, Myssie.

"She slept with me every night. She was with me almost every day," McCann said.

Myssie McCann spoke to 10News shortly after the crash about the kiss she was hoping to get.

"Gave me a little pucker, a little tiny one, but I'll take it because it's the best kiss he gave me ever," said Myssie outside UC San Diego Medical Center.

"It was great to give her a kiss and express my love towards her," said John McCann, sitting next to his wife.

The couple are working together to get John back to work. In the meantime, his family is happy to have him home with his wife and three of his four kids. His oldest flew off to college Thursday.

"So many things that go on in your life seem to be trivial but this near death experience has awakened me," he said.

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