Sweetwater Union High School District teachers vote in favor of strike

SAN DIEGO - A large majority of Sweetwater Union High School District teachers voted in favor of a strike, it was announced Friday.

A member of the Sweetwater Education Association told 10News 1,443 teachers voted and 92 percent voted in favor of a strike.

With the vote in favor of a strike, teachers can now walk off the job at any time.

The teachers are prepared to strike as early as March 18, according to District Superintendent Edward Brand.

The Sweetwater Education Association has been working without a contract for months, and leaders told 10News they haven't made any progress in negotiations since October.

"We're frustrated. We deserve some respect," SEA President Roberto Rodriguez told 10News earlier this week. He also said they've been making concessions for six years to help weather the down economy.

The teacher had asked to keep the same medical benefits from their last contract, requested a 3 percent raise and asked that classroom sizes decrease by about 10 students.

Read Brand's full statement regarding the strike vote: http://www.sweetwaterschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/All-Staff-Impasse-update-from-Dr-Brand.pdf

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