San Diego police: SWAT officers storm Stockton home after man threatens woman with butcher knife

SAN DIEGO - Police SWAT officers stormed a home in the Stockton area of San Diego Thursday night after a man refused to surrender, and now those officers are being commended for their work.

The San Diego Police Department said the suspect, Francisco Lopez, was begging for officers to kill him -- even holding a butcher knife to a woman's throat.        

SWAT officers though acted quickly, risking life and limb to not only save his life, but also the woman he is accused of threatening.

10News cameras were rolling as the 44-year-old Lopez was hustled to an awaiting ambulance in handcuffs, bruised and bloodied after a confrontation with officers inside the home on the 100 block of 30th Street.        

Police said it all started when Lopez began breaking items inside the home around 5 p.m.        

Before SWAT was called, patrol officers set up a perimeter after reports came in that Lopez was armed with a butcher knife and cutting up furniture inside.

“At the point we started doing call outs to have the suspect come out of the house, he did come out the front door with the female. He had his arm around her holding the butcher knife asking for us to shoot him and saying that he was not going to go anywhere,” said Lt. Paul Rorrison with the San Diego Police Department.

Soon after, police fired non-lethal rounds at Lopez, hitting him at least once.        

SWAT arrived on scene shortly after and set up a perimeter.

“During negotiations with the suspect he repeatedly asked for us to kill him. He came to the door several times, was stabbing the door, the screen door with a knife and holding it around the female's neck,” said Rorrison.

Seconds later, SWAT officers stormed the house, breached the front door and pulled Lopez out.

“The restraint that they displayed tonight was just remarkable that they didn't end up having to shoot this individual,” said Rorrison.

Police said they have taken the woman in for questioning, looking into whether she was even a victim at all.

Officers said the woman and the suspect had been drinking inside the home before police arrived on scene.

She was not arrested, but police said she did become uncooperative and alcohol was a factor.

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