SUV Crashes Into Hillcrest Post Office

Snezana Sedlic Says She Lost Control Of SUV While She Was Parking

A woman drove her Jeep SUV through a glass doorway into the U.S. Post Office branch in Hillcrest on Wednesday.

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Snezana Sedlic told reporters that she lost control as she was parking.

"I thought it was in park but it was in drive," she said. "It started moving and I panicked and punched at the brake but hit the gasoline."

She was relieved that there was only property damage.

"I'm glad nobody was hurt," she said. "Thank God nobody was looking for the mail inside."

Sedlic was unclear about the exact sequence of events.

"You're not aware what's going on," she said. "You're just seeing that you're going through the door of the post office. Unbelievable."

Service at the retail counter was momentarily interrupted by the crash, but the post office remained open for business except for the scores of P.O. boxes that were damaged in the accident.

Sedlic said it was her first accident since she learned to drive in the United States 22 years ago.

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