Suspicious trash picker spotted in El Cajon neighborhood, cited by police

Residents worry about identity theft

EL CAJON, Calif. - El Cajon police have tracked down a suspicious man caught on surveillance video digging through residents' trash, and neighbors said he's not just after recyclables.

In new surveillance video posted on YouTube by a resident, a man that raised red flags for neighbors is seen back in the neighborhood, specifically on Sandalwood Drive.

In the video recorded on Dec. 4, the man is seen going from trash bin to trash bin, taking very little. When he gets to the final bin, he appears to take out some documents and begins reading.

A month ago, 10News talked to neighbors after the same resident posted a different surveillance video.

In that video, the same man walks past a pickup truck, squats down, gets back up, and then looks through a blue trash bin for of recyclables and takes nothing.

Neighbors told 10News the trash picker takes very few recyclables, instead focusing his attention on documents -- actions that have sparked concerns about identity theft.

After 10News went to police with the neighbors' concerns, bike officers went by the area early Wednesday morning and spotted the man, described as a Hispanic man in his 40s.

Police told 10News that officers watched as the man went through the trash. In this case, he did pick out a few bottles, which violates a city ordinance.

The man was not stopped with any documents, but he was cited and warned about the neighbors' concerns.

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