Suspended San Diego cop loses custody of children

Jennifer Charpentier: Allegations 'not correct'

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego police officer who was arrested along with her husband in a drug bust last week has lost sole custody of her children.

At a hearing Monday, a Family Court judge gave 41-year-old Jennifer Charpentier's ex-husband temporary physical custody of their two boys, ages 16 and 8. Charpentier will get 32 hours of supervised visitation per week.

The custody hearing was initiated by Charpentier's ex-husband, who is a San Diego County sheriff's deputy.

Charpentier and her current husband, 32-year-old Bryce Charpentier, were arrested June 5 on charges of sales of a controlled substance, possession, transportation and conspiracy. Bryce Charpentier was also charged with being under the influence while in possession of a loaded firearm.

Bryce Charpentier is a six-year member of the SDPD who works out of the Mid-City Division. Jennifer has been with the agency for 18 years and is assigned to the Western Division. Both have been suspended and their police powers revoked.

Jennifer's children had been with her grandmother since their arrest.

After the hearing, Charpentier told 10News, "The judge did say it's not fair. He doesn't believe that what he ordered was fair, but given the limited information it's what needs to be done for the children, and I appreciate that he's looking out for their welfare … I do understand family court erring on the side of caution. I am happy that they are allowing me daily visitation, and I'm hoping for cooperation on the side of my ex-husband and his new wife, that we can mutually agree on a third party for the supervised visitation daily."

When asked about the drug charges she and her husband face, Charpentier said, "I'm really not at liberty to talk about all the details of the case. I'm really just here to talk about family court today. That's what happened today and like I said, I believe this week the details of the case will come out and we'll have to go from there. It was very traumatic. You know, it was traumatic for myself, as it was for anybody in that household. It was a very traumatic experience."

Charpentier said she has lots of questions about why the custody case moved so quickly, especially since she claimed her ex-husband has tried and failed numerous times to take custody away from her.  

"I believe that if the allegations were true, I would agree with them and I would say that I definitely have some changes to make prior to getting my custody back, however, I don't believe the allegations are true. They aren't true, and so therefore I believe that I am the fit mother that was awarded custody previously," she said.

Jennifer Charpentier is scheduled for arraignment on the criminal charges June 16.

Bryce Charpentier faces a judge for arraignment June 12.

"We're not guilty of the charges. The allegations are not correct and I believe that this will all sort itself out in the next few weeks," she said.

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