Suspects in series of car break-ins in Ramona community caught on video

Nearly 20 neighbors hit

RAMONA, Calif. - People who live in one Ramona community say two burglars broke into cars at nearly 20 homes in one night.

The pair was caught on more than one security camera, and one piece of footage shows a homeowner chasing them off his property with a flashlight.

"It was really eerie," said neighbor Leanna Necochea.

She had two vehicles broken into Saturday night.

"It's kind of creepy knowing that you're sleeping, and in this safe neighborhood and your kid's window is right there," she said.

Necochea is still upset at herself for leaving the cars unlocked but happy her husband installed the cameras. She immediately posted the video to Facebook and realized she was not alone.

"Right after that, everybody started checking their vehicles and noticing the same thing," said Necochea.

She says nearly 20 neighbors had been hit and some of them had video as well.

"There were quite a few homes, and that it wasn't just us," said Necochea. "That was a bit shocking."

One eyewitness actually chased both burglars from his driveway and open garage using a flashlight. Sheriff's deputies took their report and saw the video.

Necochea says that with the list of victims growing and sharing on Facebook, the community is doing some investigating of its own. She hopes her neighbors can at least learn from her mistake.

"It's human nature," she said. "You have to learn the hard way sometimes. I'll never leave my car door unlocked at night for sure."

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