Suspects arrested after allegedly abducting kids

Authorities announced Monday that two people accused of abducting four children were arrested.

Rosa Chairez and Enrique Felix surrendered to authorities on Sunday after allegedly abducting four children—7-year-old Enrique Felix, 5-year-old Justin Felix and twin 12-month-old girls Veronica and Janet Felix—on Mar. 14.

The children were later reunited with their paternal grandmother on Mar. 18 at the U.S.-Mexico border but the suspects were outstanding.

Chairez and Felix are currently in the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. They are accused of taking their biological children from their maternal grandmother's home.

A restraining order against the parents required that they only see their kids by scheduled appointment and under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, LAPD Sgt. Eddie Ortiz said.

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