Surveillance video shows men breaking into high-end salon on Mt. Helix

Men go after 1 specific product then bolt

LA MESA, Calif. - Surveillance video obtained by 10News shows a brazen robbery at a high-end salon on Mt. Helix.

It shows two thieves in action just outside Coconuts salon. First, they open up what appears to be a large trash bag. Then, one of the men grabs a rock near the pond outside.

Seconds later, he throws the rock at the tempered glass and in less than 20 seconds, the two men grab not computers or $100 bottles of shampoo but something else: a line of men's hair care products.

"This is the lovely door that got broken into," said Coconuts salon owner Bob Lyon. He says it is nothing less than frustrating. "So the glass actually came through here and now we're 25 feet, 30 feet back here … there was actually glass in the shampoo area."

La Mesa police avoided the glass when they brought in their police dog, which is evident in the surveillance video.

The thieves left a mess inside but they also left evidence outside: shots captured on surveillance video of the vehicle they used in the robbery, which is described as a new, white $42,000 Infiniti QX60.

"Did they steal the car? Or is that a brand new car their bought?" Lyon asked.

Those are some of the questions La Mesa police investigators are also trying to answer.

Meanwhile, Lyon says he is looking into taking measures to better protect his salon.

"Have more surveillance cameras and hopefully they know when they come to Coconuts, that they're going to get busted," he said.

10News contacted La Mesa police, who said that a detective is actively working this case and there are leads.

Anyone with any information or who may have seen that white Infiniti vehicle is asked to call CrimeStoppers.

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