Surveillance video posted on police blog leads to quick arrest

EL CAJON, Calif. - Neighbors are crediting a unique police message board after a posted surveillance video led to a quick arrest.

Just before 8 p.m. Sunday, surveillance cameras mounted on a home on Sandalwood Drive captured a man rolling his bike to a front door. He bends down out of frame and grabs something. Moments later, he is seen walking away with a chair cushion.

"I was a little creeped out," said a neighbor only identified as Shay.

Shay, who lives a few doors down, saw the video posted on the El Cajon Neighborhood Blog on Sunday night.

While the thief got away with only a cushion, Shay believes he is the same man who walked away with a delivered package a few weeks ago.

"I've seen him three or four times at night," said Shay.

Both she and neighbor Will Molay say the man is always acting strangely when they see him.

"He's just riding very slowly observing homes," said Molay. "Suspicious is perhaps the right term."

According to the site, since Jan. 1 some 17 police reports have been filed in the nearby area for crimes such as vehicle break-ins, burglaries and thefts.               

A day after the homeowner put up the video on the message board, bike officers carrying a printed screenshot say they spotted the man biking on nearby street.

Police say 31-year-old Anthony Daggett was arrested on theft and drug possession charges. The cushion was recovered and police plan to take a close look to see if he is linked to other crimes.

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