Supporters: Claims against accused Rancho Bernardo coach are 'absurd'

SAN DIEGO - A group of people rallied Thursday in support of a Rancho Bernardo High School coach accused of racism and bullying.

The supporters said accusations that basketball Coach Jim Choe is racist or bullied his players are "absurd."

"I wasn't sure if it [accusations] were even real," said former player Scott Fuller said.

Fuller said Choe was like a "second father" to him and taught him "how to deal with situations."

"Everything he's ever done for me has helped me further myself," Fuller said.

In a letter sent to the district and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a basketball player described specific incidents of Coach Jim Choe screaming and cursing at players.

A spokesperson for the Poway Unified School District said an investigation into the claims was completed and specifics could not be given.

Choe declined to comment.

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