Suicide note revealed in hearing for trio accused in death of Marine wife

Copy of letter addressed to KGTV

VISTA, Calif. - A copy of a suicide/confession note allegedly written by one of three people accused in the murder of a young Marine wife was addressed to 10News, it was revealed in court Friday.

On the fifth day of the preliminary hearing for Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lopez, a San Diego County sheriff's detective read the seven-page letter allegedly written by Lopez aloud, and revealed there were three copies in envelopes addressed to her parents, Perez and to KGTV/10News.

The original letter and the three copies were found in room 105 of the Ramada Inn in Point Loma -- three days after Brittany Killgore was reported missing, authorities said.

Detectives had gone to the motel after learning Maraglino's white pickup truck was parked outside. Sheriff's Det. Suzanne Fisk testified there was no answer when they went to the room.

"We knocked on the door," said Fisk. "We could hear a female inside. It was difficult to understand her. Her voice was slurred. We couldn't get her to come to the door. We couldn't tell what was going on and it appeared that she was possibly in distress."

Fisk testified detectives hoped they would find Killgore in the room.

Detectives obtained a passkey from the front desk and were able to open the door only a few inches. One detective noticed blood on the bed, so they broke the door down. Inside they found Lopez naked from the waist up with a slashed throat and wrist.

As the detectives called 911 for paramedics, they discovered a suicide note and three copies.

Fisk read the letter aloud in court.

The letter stated: "I'm sorry, mistress," referring to Maraglino, or "Dee." "I know you would have stopped me if you would have been here."

The profanity-laced letter goes on to deride law enforcement for being inept and for arresting "the wrong guy," apparently referring to Perez.

The letter details how Lopez allegedly suffocated Killgore.

"I wrapped the rope around her neck after burying her face in the pillow, and started to strangle her. She barely moved but she just wouldn't die," Lopez allegedly stated in the letter.

Lopez allegedly said, "I made a few attempts to chop her up like 'Dexter' with master's power tools, but I was afraid it was too loud, and it sucked at cutting flesh."

The letter detailed where Killgore's body was dumped in Riverside County.

"I hid the body of that whore in almost plain sight. She didn't deserve a burial. I dropped that useless waste of space off some little hill off of the road by Lake Skinner," Lopez allegedly wrote.

Lopez's attorney, Sloan Ostbye, questioned whether Lopez wrote the note on her own or had been coerced.

Fisk answered that Lopez "denied being a scapegoat."

It was also revealed in court that Maraglino was the one who checked into the motel room just hours before police found Lopez there alone.

In earlier testimony, it was revealed that Lopez wrote a 45-page journal in code, but the contents of that journal were not revealed.

Maraglino also wrote something, according to forensic document examiner Brenda Lanners.

"It is a short paragraph that begins 'I have a vision' and describes a sexual act," Lanners told the court.

The preliminary hearing is expected to wrap up Monday, at which time the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to hold the three defendants over to trial.

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