Students suspended over tweets on 'sdschoolconfess' Twitter page

SAN DIEGO - Multiple Chula Vista High School students have been suspended for inappropriate tweets on a Twitter page littered with references to sex, drugs and other illicit behavior.

On Thursday, 10News aired a story on the Twitter page @sdschoolconfess, which featured shocking -- sometimes vulgar -- admissions from students around San Diego County.

On the heels of the story, 10News learned that multiple students at Chula Vista High School were suspended on Friday for tweeting or retweeting on the page.

A spokesperson for the Sweetwater Union High School District confirmed that students were suspended but did not reveal the exact number. The spokesperson said that the tweets or the retweeting were about a student and was considered a form of bullying.

"He called it cyber bullying and harassment," said Xavier Kruckenberg, who tells 10News that he and at least 60 of his classmates were put on suspension. 

His mother Kippy says the punishment does not fit the crime. She feels that each student should have been handled on a case-by-case basis.

"I think perhaps a warning, letting the parents know this is going on and it needs to stop … especially if Chula Vista PD didn't think it was criminal," she said.

Despite her objection to the suspension, both she and her son say it is a lesson learned. 

Xavier says he will be more careful from now on.

"I would think a lot harder about the people I follow … the things I favor, retweet, even things I tweet on my own," he said.

Hours after 10News' story aired, the Twitter page was taken down.

Some of the tweets on the page included:

-- "A male teacher once told me to close my legs because I was tempting him. WE WEAR SKIRTS."

-- "Our security guard buys the girls alcohol."

One Chula Vista HS student told 10News, "Well, my friend got suspended because he liked it, but he only got suspended for a day. But it's just like people are posting on this page, it's the Twitter thing right, people are posting on this page and not asking them and I guess that's against the school codes."

10News learned the tweets are continuing on @CONFESSIONS2_SD.

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