Students success story is subject of new film

SAN DIEGO - Omar Solorio has been playing soccer all his life, and he told 10News, "This is my passion; I love soccer."

Solorio grew up in Logan Heights and soccer was his outlet from the rough neighborhood.

"It's always hard around here, but never impossible to no one," said Solorio.

Next month, he'll be the first in his family to graduate from high school, and his hard work on the field has paid off.

"Right now, the biggest thing it's done for me is led me to a four-year university with a partial scholarship, and I'm forever grateful for that," said Solorio.

Solorio will be suiting up at Cal State University San Marcos next fall. Two of his teammates also got athletic scholarships.

"They're extremely great soccer players and just great people all around," said King-Chavez Community High School Coach Kyle Hagenburger.

The student-athletes are the inspiration for a documentary about a high school miracle that happened in the San Diego barrio.

"Kyle and I just felt like we wanted to tell this story and spread the hope and the love and the inspiration to as many people as we could through film," said filmmaker Carmen Caserta.

They've been shooting the Vaquero evening games for their film, and community support and love has grown for this team that started just four years ago.

"It was scary, but at the same time exciting because we were going to be the first class ever to play soccer," said Solorio.

They've come a long way, and now Solorio's goal is to be an inspiration to his little brother and sister and younger cousins.

"I hope I'm the person they look up to and they can accomplish the same or more as I can," he said.

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