Students, parents in shock after shooting death of 10-year-old Eric Klyaz in Scripps Ranch

Police to determine if charges will be filed

SAN DIEGO - Crisis counselors were on hand Wednesday at Dingeman Elementary School to help students grapple with the death of one of their classmates, a fourth-grader who was accidentally shot and killed.

A resident who heard a gunshot shortly before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday found 10-year-old Eric Klyaz lying in the fetal position near a distraught friend in a garage at a condominium complex in the 10900 block of Ivy Hill Drive in Scripps Ranch, according to San Diego police.

According to investigators, the boy was playing with a 9-year-old girl in her garage when they found a loaded gun. There were no adults in the house. The girl's 14-year-old brother was supposed to be watching them, but he was upstairs.

Police told 10News the kids were apparently playing with the gun when Eric was accidentally shot in the chest.

Neighbors performed CPR and medics took the boy to Rady Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Many of the parents at Dingeman Elementary School wondered how the children got a hold of a loaded gun.

"It's crazy, 10-years-old, wow," said Joe Carrillo, who is a parent at the school.

"I'm pro-gun, but they should be locked up, nobody with kids should be able to have guns available," said another parent, Rob Enering.

Other parents said they also have more questions about what happened.

"Did the boy bring it, or was that from that house or from anyone else, we don't even know who pulled the trigger yet, so until then, I'm reserving my judgment on that," said one parent Patrick Echevarria.

Eric's father said his family will not be speaking with the media.

Authorities have not disclosed who owns the firearm and whether that person will face criminal prosecution over the fatal shooting.  

San Diego Unified School District officials sent its crisis-response team to the victim's Scripps Creek Drive school Wednesday morning to help students talk through their shock and grief over his death, SDUSD spokesman Jack Brandais said.


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