Student athlete kicked off team for choosing tutoring over practice

SPRING VALLEY, Calif. - The parent of a Mt. Miguel High School basketball player contacted 10News upset that his daughter was kicked off the girls' basketball team. The player says it is because she chose tutoring over basketball practice.

A YouTube video shows the girls basketball team playing in a CIF game against Santa Barbara in March. Terry Young was disappointed that his daughter Taylor, who is on the varsity team, did not get to play in that game.

"She went into a depressed mode for a while," he said.

The father says his daughter was late to practice three times this season because she had to go to after-school tutoring. He says the coach suspended Taylor for the first half of their game in February against Poway High School.

Young told 10News when he went to a practice to speak with the coach about his daughter going to tutoring.

"He made a statement, if she leaves she can turn her uniform in and she's no longer on the team," Young said.

Young met with the school's principal and someone from the district, but told 10News he feels they did not take the matter seriously.

A representative with the Grossmont Union High School District told 10News they could not comment on individual student matters but said, "A student would not be removed from a team or suspended as a rule for one tardy related to getting academic help. Each student's situation needs to be looked at on a case by case basis."

Young says he hopes by coming forward, other student athletes like his daughter will not have to experience the same disappointment.

"They should be able to go to tutoring and not feel any type of retaliation coming from that coach," he said.

The season has ended but the district says Young's daughter can return to the team next year.

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