Strong winds hit parts of San Diego County

Winds caused power outage in Borrego Springs area

SAN DIEGO - Winds up to 90 mph raked parts of San Diego County on Monday, causing a power outage in the Borrego Springs area and white knuckles for big rig truck drivers.

Big rig driver Leo Derobertis came up from Imperial County for an early delivery in San Diego.

"The wind was gusting at about 40 miles per hour at times," he said. "Yeah, it was pushing the truck around quite a bit."

One big rig driver actually had his vehicle blow over on westbound Interstate 8 in Imperial County.  

Along the coast, the wind-driven storm had the seas roiling at the Ocean Beach pier.

Rhoda Bryan told 10News, "If you were standing at the end of the pier and closed your eyes, it felt like you were on a ship. That's how much it felt like the pier was moving."

The wind actually felt stronger at the pier then it did inland, but the winds were strong enough to cause the California Highway Patrol freeway camera along Interstate 15 to shake.

Throughout the county, there were periods of rain mixed in with the wind.

Ocean Beach resident Todd Mulligan took it all in stride.

"Look, when it's sunny and nice we're out in it right? So when it's like this, we have to come out in it too. I mean, we just don't normally get weather like this," he said.

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