Strange lights reported in East County sky

LAKESIDE, Calif. - 10News received several calls from viewers in the East County reporting strange lights in the sky Monday evening.

Residents in Lakeside and Santee reported seeing the lights at about 8:30 p.m. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department also received calls regarding the lights.

10News learned the source of the lights was two people driving in a truck with fishing line attached to the bumper. On the other end of the fishing line were two balloons with flashing lights attached to them. The fishing line eventually became caught on a street light on Pino Drive in Lakeside.

Neighbor Tim Huson told 10News, "I was up in my room and there were cars coming from every direction, stopping on our street so I ran outside and looked up. There were these people pulling balloons in with fishing line that had flashing lights in them. I guess it was a prank for April Fools… they were supposed to be aliens."

In October, 10News reported about an East County man creating a similar sight in his backyard with balloons, lights and fishing line.

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