Storm does not stop runners at Finish Chelsea's Run in Balboa Park

Run has raised more than $230,000 in scholarships

SAN DIEGO - The storm did not seem to scare away the thousands of people who were at Balboa Park on Saturday for the annual Finish Chelsea's Run.

Just before the run began, the clouds cleared, the rain stopped and the sun was seen peeking through as more than 6,000 took to the streets around the park.

It was a lucky break that many believe was collaboration between Mother Nature and Chelsea King, showcasing something she loved, which her parents remember all too well.

Kelly King says her daughter "just loved being outdoors and it didn't matter if it was raining."

"Rather than walk around the puddles, much to my dismay, she'd just go through the puddles," King said.

In 2010, Chelsea was kidnapped and murdered by John Gardner during her run at the Rancho Bernardo Park.

For the past four years, people have finished that run for her. This year, organizers were not sure how much the weather would affect the annual event.

Crews spent most of Friday cleaning up and moving most of the setup to the day of the run.

There was also a fear that the rain would keep runners away, but it did not. For some runners, showing up rain or shine was not enough. They also wanted to add a little bit of personality.

"Thinking it was going to be a little rain today, we thought we'd wear shower caps and show our team spirit," said runner Linda Carrillo.

But even though Mother Nature held out for the run, the weather changed quickly. The clouds and rain did come back.

Runners tell 10News it really did not dampen the spirit of the run.

So far, the run has raised $230,000 for scholarships. This was also the first year that they partnered with the Girl Scouts.

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