Stories of hope emerge from rubble in tornado-striken Moore, OK, including buried dog found

Search continues "board by board"

SAN DIEGO - A news camera in the right place at the right time caught one of the stories of hope emerging from the mountains of rubble in tornado-stricken Moore, Oklahoma.

During an interview with a CBS reporter, a woman turned to see her dog's face peeking out through the rubble. The dog wiggled free, to the happy hands of the woman. (YouTube video below.)

That's not the only story of hope coming from the heartland.

With power lines down, gas and water lines broken and mountains of debris from pulverized buildings, rescuers went "board by board" to see if there are any more trapped people - or animals.

So far, at least 100 people have been pulled from under debris, including children.

Facebook pages are set up to help people find missing loved ones, along with valued pictures that hold lifetimes of memories.

Donations are pouring in from around the world to the American Red Cross.

At 10News studios Tuesday evening, in just 90 minutes viewers donated approximately $7,800 to the Red Cross effort.

Celebrities, some with ties to neighborhoods flattened by the tornado, are sending condolences and prayers.

“This storm has devastated the community that I grew up in," said singer Toby Keith in a statement. "I rode my bike through those neighborhoods. I have family and friends in Moore. My heart and prayers go to those that have lost so much. But Moore is strong and we will persevere. God be with you all.”

“Pray for everyone devastated by these storms, but especially for those families in Moore, Okla.,  right now. … God, wrap your arms around this community,” said Trisha Yearwood, via Facebook.

"#PrayForOklahoma" on Twitter has been used since Monday afternoon for people to offer support to the tornado victims, rescuers and survivors.