State warns of Obamacare scams

State shut down at least one site

People are trying to cash in on the Obamacare confusion. Team 10 learned scammers are hoping to lure people to the wrong "Covered California" website.

This legitimate state website for insurance is called "Covered California" and state officials said a bogus website popped up called "California Covered."

Vista resident Judy Baisey said she could not figure out which website was fake.

"They look the same. I can't tell the difference," she said.

Dave Jones, California's insurance commissioner, said the site was not an official health benefit exchange site and was not a licensed insurer.

The owner of the site was traced to Panama through several shields, including a server provider in Austin, Texas.

Jones said the site could have been trying to get people's information for identity theft.

"We said, 'Knock it off. You need to take that down.' We were successful in getting that site taken down," said Jones.

He said other insurance agents and brokers are applying for business names that are too close to the exchange website.

The state has rejected about 100 business name applications.

Other scams to be on the lookout for: People trying to sell an Obamacare card and people going door-to-door trying to sell you Obamacare insurance.


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