Team 10 credited for investigating developmental centers in Calif.: Audit confirms allegations

Team 10 probe began in October 2012

SAN DIEGO - Developmental centers are supposed to protect California's most vulnerable patients. But a recent state audit found they do not always do that.

The just-released report confirms allegations first made by Team 10 in October 2012.


Click here for California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) response to audit

Team 10 reported the failure of California's development centers to prevent abuse and neglect. These centers cared for patients with severe development disabilities.

The issue came to light after a retired San Diego police officer came forward about his disabled brother's death at one facility.

The report confirmed the allegations that patients deaths in the facilities were poorly investigated.

Team 10 also found law enforcement staff failed to collect required evidence in their investigations. And staff was slow to report these serious incidents.

According to the audit, developmental centers had" poor quality investigations, outdated policies,
leadership and staffing problems and untimely licensing reviews put residents at risk."

State leaders credit Team 10 for shining light on the issue.

"I have to give credit to Channel 10 for being on top of this the right way -- working with them to ask for the audit made a lot of sense most importantly has given us a path on how to correct the problems," said State Senator Joel Anderson.

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