State officials recommend placing sexually violent predator Allen Fields in Campo

SAN DIEGO - The Department of State Hospitals Thursday recommended placing convicted child molester and sexually violent predator Allen Fields on private property in Campo, in southeastern San Diego County.

Fields, a diagnosed pedophile, was convicted of molesting four boys between the ages of 10 and 13. The molestations began in 1983 and including fondling and attempted sodomy.

Authorities said Fields, 58, established relationships with each of the boys as either their caregiver or as their Boy Scout troop leader.

In 2000, after serving a 25-year state prison sentence, Fields was deemed a sexually violent predator and committed to a state mental hospital for treatment. In March 2003, he voluntarily submitted to surgical castration.

Last December, a judge granted Fields' petition for outpatient placement, finding that he could be safely released into the community for continued treatment and supervision.

At a hearing scheduled for July 23, the public can comment on the proposal to place Fields at the residence in Campo.

Between now and June 23, the public can also comment by email at, by phone, at (858) 495-3619, or by mailing comments to SVP Release/SAFE Task Force, 9425 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA, 92123.

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