State Bar Investigates Anti-Foreclosure Attorney

Michael T. Pines Accused Of Helping Clients Break Into Their Foreclosed Homes

A San Diego County lawyer who has helped his clients break into their foreclosed homes -- telling them it’s perfectly legal -- may have his law license pulled by the State Bar of California.

10News reported foreclosure attorney Michael T. Pines has been criminally charged 10 times for allegedly helping his clients break into homes. He has never been convicted of a crime.

Pines told 10News he's not worried about losing his law license and will continue his tactics.

"I love our system of justice, but the one problem with it is it's slow," Pines said.

"So you take matters into your own hands?" 10News investigative reporter Mitch Blacher asked.

"To some extent I do, but legally," Pines said

San Diego attorney Chris McLaughlin complained about Pines' tactics to the State Bar, and the complaint sparked the Bar's concerns.

"In my mind, Mr. Pines is just a criminal," McLaughlin said.

"Martin Luther King got arrested I don't know how many times," Pines said. "So did other world leaders who turned out to be right in the end."

Pines said he will keep practicing law no matter what the State Bar decides to do. He added he would fight them if they lift his license.

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