Stand Down for Homeless Vets kicks off

SAN DIEGO - About 1,000 people are expected to attend the 27th annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event taking place at San Diego High School this weekend.

The event, put on by Veterans Village of San Diego, kicked off early Friday morning. It provides veterans, their spouses and children with shelter, food, clothes, showers, medical and dental care. It also provides them with homeless court, recovery services, employment referrals, counseling, and chaplain services.

"I think we were making real inroads, but now we have this whole cohort of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans out on the street,” said Dr. Jon Nachison, co-founder and director of Stand Down. “And so we're really seeing our numbers go up. So I think that we continue until we get everybody that's homeless into jobs and into housing."

San Diego has an estimated 3,000 homeless veterans on its streets.

Stand Down was started in 1988. According to Veterans Village, more than 200 Stand Down events are held across the nation each year.

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