Squatters refuse to leave disabled man's home

EL CAJON, Calif. - Video captured a heated confrontation with a woman accused of squatting in a disabled man's home.

Manuel Martinez is disabled and lives at the home through Section 8 housing. He invited Elise Fehrenbach to stay with him temporarily last month as a favor to a friend.

"She was kicked out of here home and she didn't have a place to go, so I said, 'Come, come stay at my place," Martinez said.

The favor turned into a nightmare. Martinez says Fehrenbach invited her boyfriend to stay the very next day and then her four adult children as well – all in the tiny, two-bedroom home.

"He's disabled and this woman is abusing him," said Martinez's friend, Carol.

The abuse came to a head when Martinez says the squatter dumped a bucket of urine on him.

"She said, 'The next time it's going to have poo, too,'" he said. "I don't want poo or pee on me again."

Martinez filed a restraining order against her, which is all police said he could do. He and his friends from church called 10News about the squatters.

El Cajon police told 10News there is nothing they can do until a judge hears the case later this month. Fehrenbach says she is not going anywhere until then.

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