Spring semester starts at San Diego State University: Campus is now smoke-free

SAN DIEGO - A new semester got underway at San Diego State University and with it are some new rules to live by, like no smoking anywhere.

"I'm very happy about that because every time you'd pass a designated smoking area, it smelled nasty," said sophomore Mikayla Davis.

There used to be 12 designated areas on campus for smokers, but not anymore. Smoking is now prohibited everywhere, including parking lots. The ban came after a student survey.  

"We had 4,000 students who responded and an overwhelming majority supported the ban," said Javier Gomez, the Associated Students vice president.  

While he does not smoke, Richard Freeland thinks the ban went too far.

"You know, smoking is a part of their lives and since they've made the decision to do that and they've paid to go to school here, I think they should be allowed to exercise that right," he said.

Getting smokers to comply will be done by social enforcement – that is, being politely reminded there is a ban in place.

SDSU joins more than 1,000 other colleges nationwide by prohibiting smoking anywhere on campus.

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