Special mayoral election could cost San Diego about $4.7M

Election to be held Nov. 19

SAN DIEGO - The Nov. 19 special mayoral election could cost the city of San Diego about $4.7 million, an official said, about $1.3 million less than an earlier estimate.

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Bonnie Stone, the deputy director of the City Clerk's office who is in charge of elections, told City News Service this week that a variety of reasons accounts for a lower tally than the $6 million originally forecast.

The original estimate assumed 631 voting-day precincts would be needed, but the actual total will be 572, Stone said. She said costs associated with running the polling places, like the number of poll workers, their training and supplies, are also less than expected.

The most recent price tag estimate is $4,665,700, Stone said.

She said that amount does not include a runoff election in the likely event no one candidate gains an outright majority of votes.

The second round of voting would take place early next year. A cost estimate for a runoff is expected in a few weeks, Stone said.

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