So. Bay strip club pushing boundaries: Despite order to shut down, Eye Candy advertising lap dance

CHULA VISTA - A controversial South Bay strip club is once again pushing the boundaries of the law.

Eye Candy is now openly advertising its girls perform nude lap dances even though the act is illegal and the club has been ordered to shut down.

The strip club has been operating illegally for months.

"What you heard is true, but you need to speak to them about it," said Manager Armando Chavez.

10News also found online reviews from customers bragging about their relations with the strippers.

10News spoke with owner Randy Welty a few months ago.

"It's amazing how much nude women can just produce excitement like crazy," said Welty.

Welty also addressed a 10News photographer.

"You running this right now sweetheart," said Welty. "Oh good. You're kinda cute too. By the way I'd like to let you know that if you put in an application with me, you'd probably make more than you do for ABC."

Mike Spethman is a former planning commissioner.

“Wow, I don't know what to say,” said Spethman. 

He said Eye Candy misrepresented its intentions on its city application saying it was going to be a cabaret theater.

The City of Chula Vista is suing Welty for misrepresentation. Welty is counter suing.

A status hearing for the suits is scheduled for December.

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