South Bay businesses damanged after pipe breaks

Business owners cleaning up after flooding

SAN DIEGO - A broken pipe flooded offices in the South Bay early Monday morning, according to firefighters.

The broken pipe in the ceiling of a building that houses several businesses at the corner of Airway Rd and Britannia Boulevard damaged computers, pictures and destroyed paperwork.

The owners of Alissr Company, an import and export warehouse, found boxes submerged in water and their emergency alarm going off.

The owner of the business, who did not want to be identified, said this is not the first time the building has had pipe issues.

A few months ago a different pipe burst and the warehouse was flooded with water.  Learning from the first flood, the company began storing all their goods off the ground.

According to Jaime Perez who owns Nypro Warehouse said he only had minor flooding inside his office and suffered very little damage compared to his neighbor.  

According to the business owners, it could take days to clean everything up.

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