Sources ID latest SDPD cop embroiled in sex scandal

SAN DIEGO - Sources told 10News the San Diego police officer who is the latest to be involved in a growing sex scandal within the force is Donald Moncrief.

SDPD Chief William Lansdowne announced late Wednesday that a six-year San Diego police veteran was under investigation for sexual misconduct.

Lansdowne said the officer came under the spotlight after a woman came forward and told investigators that last year the officer had groped her and exposed himself when she was arrested on suspicion of auto theft.

On Wednesday, Lansdowne said he was prevented by law from identifying the new suspect because the officer has not been charged with a crime. However, multiple sources inside the SDPD confirmed to 10News that the allegations are against Officer Donald Moncrief, 39.

The announcement came the same day that another police officer, Christopher Hays, resigned from the force amid similar allegations. Hays was also in court this week and pleaded not guilty to felony false imprisonment counts and three misdemeanor sexual battery allegations. He faces up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted.

Following Hays' arraignment, his defense attorney, Kerry Armstrong, told reporters that his client's decision to resign was by no means an indication that he had "done anything wrong."

"He's extremely upset with the police department for not backing him in this case, and it's really hurt him," Armstrong said. "He's very upset about it, and he thinks that his career in law enforcement is over because of these allegations."

10News has not yet heard from the officer who is now facing the same type of accusation.

10News learned Moncrief served in the Marines and is trained in mixed martial arts. Until about two years ago, he taught ju-jitsu at The House of Boxing in San Diego.

On an MMA website, Moncrief writes that he also teaches self-defense at the San Diego Police Training Academy.

Moncrief is a member of the Border Crime Suppression Team, which operates out of the South Bay.

He's been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

Moncrief's wife defended him when she was asked about the allegations against her husband, saying, "Those are fake. Who would throw away their career? Would you throw away your career for a criminal? Come on ... come on."

She drove off, without giving her name.

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