Probation check leads to discovery of ecstasy lab in Alpine home, 3 arrested

Authorities raided home on Summerhill Terrace

ALPINE, Calif. - A routine probation check on Monday turned into the discovery of an elaborate ecstasy lab inside an Alpine-area home.

Alpine sheriff's deputies arrived at the home in the 400 block of Summerhill Terrace late Monday morning to make a probation check, found the man they were looking for and then searched the home.

"Searched the rest of the residence and found not only a THC extraction lab but also an MDMA lab which is also referred to as Molly, which is most commonly known as ecstasy," said sheriff's Lt. Hank Turner.

The San Diego Narcotics Task Force and a hazardous materials crew were called to the scene, since the lab had the potential to explode.

"We've had a number of THC extraction labs explode in this county in the last six months – probably eight to 10 – causing property damage and personal damage. We're lucky enough that didn't happen today," said Turner.

Besides the man wanted on probation, two residents of the home were also arrested.

Stephanie Higgins was trying to pick up her toddler at her in-laws house but sheriff's deputies would not let her through for her protection.

"I understand this is always a great neighborhood and so it's definitely kind of an inconvenience," she said.

Next door neighbor Silva Amparo says the neighbors were quiet, but on more than one occasion, she said she found small vials near the driveway.

"They've got some containers I always found in front of there," she said.

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