Sony Online Entertainment Announces Security Breach

25 Million Accounts Hacked, San Diego-Based Company Says; 77 Million PlayStation Network Accounts Hacked

San Diego-based Sony Online Entertainment announced that personal information from almost 25 million accounts had been accessed by hackers, prompting the company to shut down its services.

The news of the cyber security breach comes just days after Sony announced nearly 77 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts had been hacked.

Sony's latest announcement pertaining to SOE's 25 million online customer accounts that were compromised is giving many gaming fans a headache.

"I've always been a big fan of the PlayStation," said Rocco Botte, a gamer in El Cajon. "It's the system I use more than anything else."

Like millions of other game enthusiasts, Botte willingly gave his credit card information to Sony Online Entertainment so it could be used to access and download games online.

"Somebody has my information and I really don't like that," added gamer Bryan Abou Chacra.

Sony claims credit card information was not obtained, but the company acknowledged other vital information which could be used to do a lot of harm was compromised. Some of the personal information reportedly taken includes a customer's username, password, address, email address, birth date and phone numbers.

"I mean, this is all the stuff that goes onto a loan application or credit card application," says San Diego State University associate professor Murray Jennex.

Jennex, who teaches information systems security at SDSU, said Sony has been slow to respond to this crisis.

"Sony may own up to what happened, but a week to two weeks is way too long. This gives criminals a long time to use this information," said Jennex.

A 2007 database which included 12,000 credit or debit card numbers from customers in Europe was also obtained in the attack on SOE.

"For me, they took the necessary measures," said Abou Chacra. "I am not going to run out and get any other systems because I think Sony is going to be a lot more cautious and lot stronger."

Sony Online Entertainment would not return 10News' requests for interviews.

Representatives said the company is working with the FBI to complete the investigation.

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