Some want ad circulars off La Mesa streets

City attorney reviewing legal concerns

LA MESA, Calif. - Safety concerns are being raised over fliers being sent to La Mesa residents.

City officials are now looking into a way to stop plastic-wrapped packages with advertisements inside from being sent to homes.

"Clean up that little bit of mess so you know, so it won't be a target," said La Mesa resident Tony Jackson.

Jackson believes the packages are a target for potential thieves.

"Crooks are getting more, craftier, these days," Jackson added.

Some La Mesa city council members agree, saying when they're left outside for too long, it creates a security risk.

"Councilwoman [Ruth] Sterling brought it forward as she is disturbed by the fliers being out in the yard. Right now, the city attorney is reviewing it," said La Mesa City Councilwoman Kristine Alessio.

Alessio said she is more concerned about free speech.

Earlier this week, the La Mesa City Council voted unanimously to have the city attorney look into the legal issues.

"My concerns are First Amendment concerns because some of the things aren't fliers; they're independent news sources," said Alessio.

Alessio added they need to find out where the packets are coming from.

"If it is coming from a specific source, it might be easier to, rather than passing another law, go to that specific source and say, 'Hey, I don't want to get these fliers.'"

Either way, Jackson is still concerned, especially for his elderly relatives who can't get outside to pick them up and put them in the trash or recycle bins.

"I'm going start going by once a week to clean up that little mess," said Jackson.

The La Mesa city attorney will get back to the city council about this issue in about 30 days.

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