Some East County residents upset with leadership, discuss seceeding from San Diego County

East County would become Chaparral County

SAN DIEGO - Some residents in San Diego's East County are so fed up with county government they're talking secession.

A recent editorial in East County Magazine by someone using a fictitious name wrote that eastern communities should secede from San Diego County to form Chaparral County.

The last "new" county in California was formed when the area now known as Imperial County seceded from San Diego County.

Chaparral County would include Julian, Ramona, Alpine, Jamul and Jacumba Hot Springs.

"A lot of people are disgusted with it," said Lake Morena resident Pat Holtwick, referring to a perceived lack of fair treatment by county officials.

"For instance, like the sheriffs would respond faster," Holtwick said. "Then SDG&E wants to put their Powerlink in further … Drained our lake … They want to put the sexual perverts out here, too … I feel like San Diego does not care."

A lot of the anger is pointed at the County Board of Supervisors. Holtwick said Supervisor Dianne Jacob cares about her area, which includes the East County, but the rest of the board doesn't.

"I wish Dianne Jacob would have a little more backbone and go after the other county supervisors," said Holtwick.

Comments underneath the editorial cheered for secession or think it's a good way to, at least, raise issues out east.

County officials had Monday off for the President's Day holiday and were not available for comment.

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