Social media sparks recall efforts against Mayor Bob Filner

Facebook page has more than 500 likes so far

SAN DIEGO - A local man is turning to social media to get San Diego Mayor Bob Filner out of office.

Michael Pallamary is a land use consultant who says he is fed up with the controversy surrounding the mayor. So, he created a Facebook page called "Recall Bob Filner." The page had more than 500 "likes" as of Saturday evening.

Pallamary says he created the page in late June before allegations of sexual harassment against the mayor surfaced at City Hall.

"This man is reprehensible at all levels," said Pallamary, who was not shy about his feelings towards the mayor. "He has no diplomatic skills. He has no class. He abuses women. He harasses people. It's outrageous and it is unacceptable … so that’s what motivates me."

10News found Pallamary was also motivated to run out another city official in 1991: Councilwoman Linda Bernhardt. Ironically, Pallamary says it was then-Councilman Filner who helped him successfully pass the recall.

In Filner’s case, it would take more than a 100,000 registered voters to call for an official recall petition. Pallamary hopes his Facebook page will help gauge who would be for the recall.

But with fewer than 1,000 "likes" so far, Filner supporters say it is a long shot. Instead, some are calling for more evidence of the mayor's accused wrongdoings.

"Nowhere in the law does it say that if somebody is accusing you of something, then that’s proof," explained Jake Fehlman, who said he wants the mayor to stay in office. "That's not proof … innocent until proven guilty."

The recall process is very detailed. First, you have to submit a notice of intent to recall. Within 60 days, signatures have to be gathered and filed with the city clerk, then verified. It is then handed over to the City Council, which would call for the recall election.

Pallamary hopes to get enough support to start this petition process in six weeks.

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