Skin cancer screenings held at third day of Chargers training camp

Screenings conducted at Chargers Park

SAN DIEGO - For the crowds of more than 2,000, day three of Chargers training camp was more than just about getting a glimpse of their favorite player.

It was also about taking a proactive approach against one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma, which kills one person every hour.

It hits close to home for those living in California. This year alone, about 8,500 people are expected to be diagnosed with skin cancer. 

The Chargers teamed up with Melanoma Exposed and offered free skin cancer screenings.

Among those in line was Vincent Brown Sr., the father of Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown.

"My dad passed away when he was 72 and we don't know what kind of cancer he had, and I wanted to get checked out," said Brown Sr.

Doctors told him he had nothing to worry about, but not everyone gets that same news.

John Garcia was diagnosed last December with stage-three skin cancer.

"I grew up here all my life and I never wore sunscreen and I hung out at the beach," Garcia said.

It is a story doctors say is all too familiar as men are two times more likely to die from melanoma compared to women, which is why yearly screenings are important.

After Saturday's stop in San Diego, the Melanoma Expose team will be visiting other cities and make stops at other football camps.

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