Sirens from Camp Pendleton caused by malfunction

FALLBROOK, Calif. - Fallbrook residents called 10News on Wednesday, concerned after an alert from Camp Pendleton to evacuate went out over the base's loudspeakers.           

Residents did not know what to think of the sirens and the alert. Now, they are just hoping it does not happen again.

"I thought that something serious was happening especially since our military base is right there," said Fallbrook resident Khrisela Kerbey.

At least two times on Wednesday, sirens and alerts to evacuate – warning of wildfire and a Stage 3 fire alert – sounded off at Camp Pendleton and were also heard in Fallbrook.

In October, the De Luz fire ripped through Camp Pendleton. Kerbey, who is new to Fallbrook, was extremely concerned that something even worse may be taking place.

With no clue about what was happening, she began to fear for the worst.

"I literally picked up my little girl and ran into the house, screaming at my boyfriend to like … 'There's a fire alert, there's a wildfire alert,'" said Kerbey.

That was the first time when the alert sounded off. The second time, Kerbey grabbed her phone and shot video of the alert sounding off. (mobile users:

Rikki Jones, who lives just down the street from Kerbey, says when the alerts sounded her neighbors came running outside.

"Seems like it worked though, got people's attention," said 10News reporter Preston Phillips.

"But the only thing is, got our attention for what? Are we supposed to be upset? We supposed to laugh about it?" said Jones.

It turns out the alerts that went out were caused by a glitch.

Contractors were at Camp Pendleton testing the emergency response system on Wednesday. Around 5 p.m., two hours after the contractors left, the alerts started sounding off.

The contractors returned to base to fix the problem. Residents say they have not heard anything over the loudspeakers since.

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